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Flight Crew Training

Active Aviation Training delivers pilot and flight crew in regards to safety and emergency procedures (SEP), first aid and medical aspects, CRM, Dangerous Goods, Security and associated practical training such as wet drills, fire & smoke and door / exits.

All pilot SEP training is delivered at our UK base or at any worldwide location with suitable facilities. Our flight crew courses and pilot training programs can be delivered as complete courses or as modules to accompany any in-house airline training courses.

Flight Crew & Pilot Training Courses

The range of courses and topics that we offer as part of our pilot and flight crew training includes:

  • Flight Crew SEP Training
  • Flight Crew First Aid & Medical Aspects Training
  • Flight Crew Security Training
  • Flight Crew CRM Training
  • Flight Crew Dangerous Goods Training
  • Flight Crew Fire & Smoke Practical Training
  • Flight Crew Doors & Exits Practical Training
  • Flight Crew Water Survival / Wet Drills Training

Click on the following link for further information on our flight crew training services. You may also contact us via email enquiries@activescg.com or call us on (+44) 0330 311 0757 (UK) / +44 330 311 0757 (Outside UK).

Aviation Training - Flight Crew & Cabin Crew

Aviation Training - Flight Crew & Cabin Crew